Who am i?

My name is Pierre Corneloup, I’m student at the European Business School in my second year of a 5 year business program, expected to graduate in 2021. Currently I am studying many courses, such as law, marketing, economics and many others. Later, I think I will specialize in marketing or international management (I have to choose). But in both cases, the purpose of this will be to work in or create a big company known all over the world.

My hobbies?

I have two main hobbies that I like to do : travel and sport -Indeed, I love traveling. I had the chance to discover many countries with my family (Kenya, Vietnam, Tunisia, Morocco) which left me with very good memories. Meeting new people from new cultures is something I find exceptional. -Sports are my passion. I like to play and watch. I practiced many sports in clubs such as football, rugby, judo, tennis and others, which inculcated some values (with rugby for example) and a spirit of competition and wanting to do better. I also often go to stadiums to watch matches.

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